Friday, June 6, 2008

Books that are Free: Volume 2

Could it be that time already again? How does he read so fast!

No, no, no. This post is another blast from the past. I actually read this one over the course of a few nights during finals week at Clark as a distraction and I was pleasantly surprised...

...that's not entirely true. I've really enjoyed all of Rushkoff's writing so far. More accurately, I wasn't disappoint.

Gotta love an honest cover.

Open Source Democracy

How online communication is changing offline politics
Foreword by Douglas Alexander, Member of UK Parliament

Anyway this was a really fascinating read. I am by no means a Political Scientist but there was plenty in there for the Media Scientist in me to nibble on.

Did I mention this one is free online?

Interesting to compare it to his earlier ethereal internet talk in Cyberia.

PS - I totally took part in an IRC interview with Rushkoff not to long ago, and I'm looking forward to his latest project (even if it's just a 404 right now as of writing this).

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