Monday, January 10, 2011

Needlebase: Clark University Libraries


What is it?
I wanted to build an alternative to the Clark University Libraries index page for very selfish reasons. See, the thing is, that list is alphabetical and my library is about 2/3rd down the page. No one likes being below the page break. My plan here was to build an interactive map that also automatically grabbed the hours for each library. At this point though it's just YAGMM (yet another google maps mashup).

Why is this interesting?
This is one of the few domains I'm working with that relies heavily on "live data". Deadbased is another good example because the Internet Archive actually gets quite a few "new" matrix shows that are uploaded each month, but this one takes advantage of the feature in a much more tangible way.

Where is it going in the future?
I would really like to integrate this into our new campus intranet page. Maybe when I get some free time this summer I'll give it another go.

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