Saturday, January 8, 2011


I'm going to use up the next 10 or so posts describing each of the Needlebase domains* I am currently working on. Some of them will be better than others but I hope each example demonstrates how versatile this tool is. They are also all works in progress but that's kind of the cool part because each domain can evolve over time based on new sources and better data.

[This is the part where I mention I was an intern at ITA Software over a year ago but the software only recently came out of closed beta. PS - You can find me lurking their GetSatisfaction page.]

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edit 2 - here's a direct link to all of the posts in reverse-chronological:

edit 3 - twitter bump equals I should probably proofread ; )
*This is a project file in Needle, almost like a collection in LIS/Archives speak.

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