Sunday, January 9, 2011

Needlebase: Online Music Databases


What is it?
I need to fix the title on this one. This is my first attempt working with data from Wikipedia and the page it references is a big list of online music databases (some streaming, some not). Sidenote: it's a lot easier to grab wikipedia tables in a Google Docs spreadsheet using =ImportHtml(URL; "list" | "table"; index) for a one-off event where this amazing Chrome extension isn't cutting it.

Why is this interesting?
This domain is really more of a test than anything, and I have a feeling I'm just re-inventing the wheel once again. As a single-page quilt (aka "tagged up HTML")  there's not much to say.

Where is it going in the future?
Maybe nowhere? Hey they can't all be winners.

edit - I should point out this is more of a proof of concept idea than anything...Wikipedia is content is  CC-SA 3.0 so that's a plus.

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